The Scottsdale Industrial Development Authority is stepping up with an innovative infusion of capital for small businesses walloped by the economic tsunami of COVID-19.



Scottsdale IDA is partnering with the City of Scottsdale, Experience Scottsdale, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Leadership, and the Scottsdale Charros. The city partners came together quickly so companies with 50 or fewer employees could get a range of short-term, mid-term and long-term funding. 

The new program provides $200,000 of funding in $5000 recoverable grants for local businesses in the food and beverage, tourism and healthcare sectors, which have been especially hard hit by this global pandemic.


  • Business owners must have owned and operated their business for at least 3 years prior to March 2020.

  • Businesses must be in the tourism, food and beverage, or healthcare sectors.

  • Business owners who are chosen will have a strong history of serving and giving back to their local community. 

  • Business size is between 0 and 50 employees.

  • Business owners will use funding to retain jobs and maintain operations.

  • Businesses address must be within the City of Scottsdale



Industry Stewards Grants are intended to ease some of the financial strain on legacy small businesses in the Scottsdale business community, while building a knowledge bank of best practices in situations of crisis for business owners in industries that are at particularly high risk and underserved by Federal disbursements thus far.


This grant is a recoverable grant, meaning that the business owner will have the option of paying the money back or paying it “forward” by using their knowledge and resources to support other small business owners after the duration of the grant program. Any money received back will be placed back into the fund for future use. There is no required timeline for grant repayment.

  • Grant Recipients join the Scottsdale IDA - City
    of Scottsdale Industry Stewards Program for
    six months.


  • Industry Stewards Program Phase I:
    Stewards utilize grant funding for business 
    operations and produce a video summary of the business support needs of their industry sector and the effectiveness of available resources (human and financial).

  • Industry Stewards Program Phase II:
    Stewards utilize technical assistance as they
    continue to navigate and overcome
    challenges and Stewards “pay it forward” by
    working with the Scottsdale IDA & Scottsdale
    Small Business Assistance Center to support other business owners within their industry.



Applications must be submitted by May 12, 2020 for consideration. After application, business owners will receive feedback on their submission within one week.  

Please note: applications will become live at 5pm May 5th. 




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